Computing systems are getting ever more ubiquitous, making us dependent on their proper functioning. Therefore we require that the services they provide are correct, safe, reliable, available, and secure. Guarantees for such characteristics rely on rigid specification and analysis techniques for both the required system functionality as well as its behaviour. Formal methods provide a mathematical approach to model, understand, and analyze systems, especially at early development stages.
In this project we focus on three aspects of formal methods: specification, verification, and synthesis. We consider the study of both qualitative behaviour and quantitative behaviour (extended with probabilistic information). We aim to study formal methods in all their aspects: foundations (their mathematical and logical basis), algorithmic advances (the conceptual basis for software tool support) and practical considerations (tool construction and case studies).

MEALS (Mobility between Europe and Argentina applying Logics to Systems) is a mobility project financed by the 7th Framework programme under Marie Curie's International Research Staff Exchange Scheme. It involves seven academic institutions from Europe and four from Argentina, and a total of about 80 researchers to be exchanged. The project started on the 1st of October, 2011, and it has a duration of 4 years.