Work Packages

The MEALS project includes five tightly interconnected thematic work packages listed below. The crosscutting concern of all these work packages is development of formal techniques for the specification, verification and synthesis of dependable ubiquitous computing systems. Six carefully planned MEALS gatherings, workshops and events give the project an effective structure for knowledge transfer, community building, and result dissemination, aimed at a sustained transcontinental collaboration.

Title Partners
1 Quantitative Analysis of Concurrent Program Behaviour SAU / RWTH / TUD / TUE / UNC / UBA
2 Reasoning Tasks for Specification and Verification SAU / INRIA / UNC / UBA
3 Security and Information Flow Properties INRIA / TUE / UNC / UBA
4 Synthesis in Model-based Systems Engineering IMP / ULEIC / TUE / UBA
5 Foundations for the Elaboration and Analysis of Requirements Specifications IMP / ULEIC / UBA / UNRC / ITBA