MEALS Dissemination Event

24th of July, 2015. Buenos Aires, Argentina. Colocated with ECI 2015.

Computing systems are getting ever more ubiquitous, making us dependent on their proper functioning. MEALS is a European research project under IRSES Exchange Programme focused on designing and developing methods which provide a formal approach to model, understand, and analyze systems, wrt their required behavior: correct (i.e. they conform their intended behaviour), safe (i.e. its operation does not have catastrophic consequences), reliable, available to provide the intended service, and secure (i.e., no user without appropriate clearance can access or modify protected data).

This is the MEALS Dissemination Event, a final event to disseminate the project result to the scientific audience. It will be colocated with the Computer Science Winter School ECI 2015 and will take place right before IJCAI 2015. The purpose of this event is to bring researchers, practitioners and industry together to discuss the issues, challenges and latest solutions for formal techniques for the specification, verification and synthesis of dependable ubiquitous computing systems, with respect to both qualitative (i.e. pure non-deterministic models) as well as quantitative behaviour (i.e. extended with probabilistic information). The event is targeted towards researchers interested in formal methods in all their aspects: foundations (their mathematical and logical basis), algorithmic advances (the conceptual basis for software tool support) and practical considerations (tool construction and case studies). The workshop will feature a number of distinguished presentations on newest challenges, new techniques, case studies, and tool demonstrations.


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How to get there

The event will be in room E 24 of the Pabellón 1. of Ciudad Universitaria, city of Buenos Aires.
The buses that go there are: 28, 33, 37, 42, 45, 107, 160.
Train F.C.G.M. Belgrano, get out at estación Scalabrini Ortiz.
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09:30 Invited Talk: Andreas Herzig (IRIT, FR)
Knowledge and action: how should we combine their logics?. Abstract
10:30 Coffee Break 1
11:00 Luciano Zemin (ITBA, AR)
Stryker: A Tool for Automated Bug Fixing Based on SAT-Solving.
11:25 Matías David Lee (UNC, AR)
SOS rule formats for convex and abstract probabilistic bisimulations. Abstract
11:50 Álvaro Torralba (Saar, GER)
Task Irrelevance Pruning in AI Planning. Abstract
12:15 Sergio Abriola (UBA, AR)
Model Theory of XPath. Abstract
12:40 Lunch Break
14:00 Guido Chari (UBA, AR)
Towards Fully Reflective Environments. Abstract
14.25 Pablo Castro (UNRC, AR)
Synthesizing Masking Fault-Tolerant Systems from Deontic Specifications. Abstract
14.50 Marcelo Frías (ITBA, AR)
Una Técnica General para la Distribución de Análisis Estáticos.
15:15 Facundo Bustos (UNC, AR)
Optimizing Planning Domains by Automatic Action Schema Splitting. Abstract
15.40 Coffee Break 2
16:10 Juan Pablo Galeotti (UBA, AR)
Towards an Evolutionary Approach to Unit-Level Invariant Discovery. Abstract
16:35 Renzo Degiovanni (UNRC, AR)
Specifying Event-Based Systems with a Counting Fluent Temporal Logic. Abstract
17:00 Santiago Bermúdez (ITBA, AR)
Bug Localization on Java Based on SAT-Solving.

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