Modelling and Statistical Model Checking of a Microgrid

TitleModelling and Statistical Model Checking of a Microgrid
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2013
AuthorsChakraborty, S, Strelec, M, Katoen, J-P, Sher, F
Conference NameWorkshop on Statistical Model Checking (SMC)
AbstractThis paper reports on the modelling and analysis of a microgrid with wind, microturbines, and the main grid as generation resources. The microgrid is modelled as a parallel composition of various stochastic hybrid automata. Extensive simulation runs of the behaviour of the main individual microgrid components give insight into the complex dynamics of the system and provide useful information to determine adequate parameter settings. The analysis of the microgrid focuses on checking several temporal properties, expressed in the logic PCTL, using the statistical model checker Uppaal-SMC.
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