A Petri Net Based Analysis of Deadlocks for Active Objects and Futures

TitleA Petri Net Based Analysis of Deadlocks for Active Objects and Futures
Publication TypeBook Chapter
Year of Publication2013
Authorsde Boer, FS, Bravetti, M, Grabe, I, Lee, MD, Steffen, M, Zavattaro, G
EditorPăsăreanu, CS, Salaün, G
Book TitleFormal Aspects of Component Software, 9th International Symposium, FACS 2012, Mountain View, CA, USA, September 12-14, 2012. Revised Selected Papers
Series TitleLecture Notes in Computer Science
PublisherSpringer Berlin Heidelberg
ISBN Number978-3-642-35860-9
AbstractWe give two different notions of deadlock for systems based on active objects and futures. One is based on blocked objects and conforms with the classical definition of deadlock by Coffman, Jr. et al. The other one is an extended notion of deadlock based on blocked processes which is more general than the classical one. We introduce a technique to prove deadlock freedom of systems of active objects. To check deadlock freedom an abstract version of the program is translated into Petri nets. Extended deadlocks, and then also classical deadlock, can be detected via checking reachability of a distinct marking. Absence of deadlocks in the Petri net constitutes deadlock freedom of the concrete system.
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